Hydrolyzed inks and pig
Dye intermediates
Functional chemicals
Synthesis design
R&D Center:Gate Two,Tianjia Road,Tianchang City,Anhui,China
Mobile:+86-18355069969(Manager Sun)
Mobile:+86-18355069959(Manager Ji)
Mobile:+86-18355069979(Manager Zhang)
A delegation from US Sorbent company visited our company.2014-01-06
Business negotiation with Sr. VP Linda De Young.2013-11-25
US Scott M. Wheelwright visited our research and development centre. 2013-10-15
The company submited to audit of Japan Dopont Satoshi Kamiya.2013-04-24
John M.Jury from US Hampford Research visited our company.2012-12-18
US Eastar CEO Mr. Zhu visited our company.2012-08-12
Indian customers visited our company.2012-06-28
Swiss customer Hanspeter visited our company.2012-05-26
US customer Belly visited our company.2012-05-12
US customer Howard Brainard and Tony Chu visited our company.2012-03-12
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