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About us

Tianjia Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that engages in the development of dyes and electronic chemicals, custom synthesis of complex small molecular skeleton and intermediates, innovative research, production technology improvement, and R&D of intermediates with high synthetic technology barrier, great difficulty and high added value.


Based on various experimental devices for R&D, the company is capable of developing dozens of varieties at the same time. The company has professional doctors, masters, and engineers in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and chemical engineering, and it has unique advantage on development of synthetic route, product qualitative analysis, pilot amplification and optimization. The average age of R&D team is 27. The company has established long-term cooperation relations with domestic and international pharmaceutical chemical enterprises, research institutes, colleges, and laboratories for the R&D and custom synthesis of new products. Products from gram grade, to kilogram grade and ton grade can be customized. In 2012, the company developed and produced more than 20 types of high-standard products from kilogram grade to ton grade for foreign customers, and 12 types were put into stable production.


Our products dye intermediates, electronic chemical intermediates, and functional chemical reagents are highly praised by clients both at home and abroad. 90% of the products are exported to America, French, and India.

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